Would I Have Feelings because of this Guy?

Reader Question:

I’ve been seeing this person for a while now. Well, I state “witnessing” but we just fulfill if we’re away and one of us is like it. We never ever make an effort to see both or anything. We’ve been friends for about 2 yrs now, as well as on New Year’s this current year, he was getting very sweet and asked if he could kiss-me. It had been lovable.

We are only extremely everyday. He’s these types of a new player so he satisfies other individuals and so perform I, which suits me fine. He is moving to a different country in Sep, generally thereis no point in circumstances heading any more. However, recently whenever I see him out, he only actually makes an endeavor with me when I’m ignoring him and vice versa, and when we just be sure to get his interest, he normally finds several other woman. This truly pisses me down and I also do not know the reason why because I’m sure we aren’t anything. Perform You will find feelings for this guy? I must say I don’t know what’s going on in my mind anymore!

-Niamh M. (California)

Expert’s Answer:

Hi Niamh,

I’m very sorry to split it to you personally, nevertheless definitely have actually a thing because of this guy. The reason why otherwise could you be writing myself and discussing a kiss that occurred several months and months ago on New Year’s Eve? Within page, you name this person a “player” in which he appears like that. Initially, maybe you have already been OK making use of the two of you chilling out and keeping it everyday. But similar to females, you produced thoughts for him along the way.

Because this man is thinking of moving a different country in Sep, I’d advise so that you could move ahead. It seems like this all guy desires to carry out is actually perform video games. Should you decide could perform alongside without getting the emotions involved, however’d state have fun. But let’s face it, you’ve already confirmed that you’re psychologically involved. I say save face and conserve the emotional chaos of constantly second-guessing yourself. It is the right time to progress.

All the best,


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