To help you the lady shock, Amy learns Adam is matchmaking Bridgett, a mother or father of one out of Emma’s loved ones

To help you the lady shock, Amy learns Adam is matchmaking Bridgett, a mother or father of one out of Emma’s loved ones

„Staff Appreciate Date”: Regarding shop, Amy declares it is „Worker Enjoy Day” which have perks towards teams such as for example totally free ice-cream and you can massages. Jonah derides Amy’s statement as the eharmony an attempt to avoid professionals from distribution connection notes. Amy and you will Jonah view the employees rating ice cream. Jonah derides the fresh attempts to squash the latest partnership if you find yourself Amy defends the lady procedures, with spared the shop away from getting closed. Worried that staff try finalizing relationship notes, on the Crack Area, Amy and you may Dina let you know the staff a keen anti-partnership clips featuring MC Cool Cloud. Amy and you can Jonah argue its positions in front of the team. Amy points out you to definitely unions are not always the answer but once Jonah reminds the girl of one’s diminished pregnancy log off, she touts she’s never ever with children once again. Cheyenne calls Amy a good hypocrite to own exterior that have „the fresh new challenger”, business. Amy will get a beneficial Skype out of Jeff alerting the girl regarding the ICE’s arrival. Running into the store, Amy yells during the Mateo to leave of your own shop. From inside the Amy’s workplace, Freeze Agent Robson knowledge the latest store’s payroll records whenever you are Amy observe. Leaving the lady place of work, Amy runs into Jonah and says she’s complete are dedicated to help you corporate. Regarding the Warehouse, Amy accumulates an abundance of professionals and you will asks for suggestions to score Mateo from the store. Jonah means they get the professionals to name everyone they know on store and you can promise your crowd allows Mateo to slip out. Amy gives advice in order to Heather and you may Marcus locations to post their relatives which is astonished locate Kelly there. That have produced quite a few of the woman other couples regarding Fenton shop, Amy is worried you to definitely Jonah and you can Kelly nonetheless stay in touch. Having reviewed the new payroll info, from the customer care, Agent Robson says to Amy, Garrett and you may Jonah they are trying to find Mateo. Lying that they don’t know him, Robson observes an image of Mateo into wall. Amy simply leaves when you are Garrett and you may Jonah however allege lack of knowledge. Wanting Cheyenne and you will Mateo taking walks through the shop, Amy alerts her or him you to Frost understands exactly what Mateo works out. Involved, Amy becomes a visit this lady walkie away from Dina, who’s regarding Security Workplace. With the monitors of the store’s cameras, Dina actually starts to publication them out of the agencies. Amy and you will Cheyenne propose a history-dump plan to distract the fresh representatives however, Mateo ends up her or him and you may gives himself right up. Away from store, the employees and you will people watch once the Mateo try determined out by Frost. Because the Glenn puzzles what you should do, Jonah can’t think of one thing. Amy indicates they start a union.


Adam is Amy’s old boyfriend-husband. They met into the senior school, he had been an activities player. Amy turned expecting, they y provided beginning on their der and not very reasonable. They are pursued a great amount of hit a brick wall businesses and and make Bbq video clips, a beneficial kick boxing gymnasium, a good Reggaeton record album and home-brewed alcohol. This is why, Amy is needed to function as responsible one and she produces all the currency to save the household afloat. Adam resents so it and also at Cheyenne’s marriage, he’s the second out of insights in which each other reveal that it won’t was basically y’s maternity.

Through the years, an unignorable appeal expands between the two and that fuels a relationship and you may a relationship/dislike relationship

For the store’s grand lso are-opening, Amy says to Jonah she actually is taking a divorce proceedings. In dumped Bridgett and therefore the woman is expecting together with boy. Later on, she tells Adam she actually is expecting. The guy would like to get together again together however, Amy does not. She’s got Adam’s baby, a son entitled Parker, in later 2018.

Jonah are interested in Amy as soon as he matches her. Amy are slow so you’re able to reciprocate since she’s partnered and you can, she finds Jonah annoying. While in the Jonah’s second seasons at shop, she grows regard having Jonah as he try crucial obtaining Glenn their job back and waiting having employee liberties. Jonah is described of the others because the girl „work husband” considering the of many factors they actually do along with her. Once meeting the lady parents, Jonah shows Amy to let others manage themselves. Both obviously have unsolved emotions for every single most other which can be shown at Cheyenne’s relationships. When a tornado hits a shop, she shelters that have Jonah and you will kisses him. Later on, she seems shameful to him.

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