The essential worthwhile getting a nomad: eight secrets of the Kazakhs

The essential worthwhile getting a nomad: eight secrets of the Kazakhs

The thought of “Jety Kazyna” – Eight Treasures keeps an alternate devote brand new ideology of the Kazakh people.

You might ignore the cues and you can wide variety, but it doesn’t make their phenomenal properties people smaller, you can’t even imagine the gravity of their control of new destiny of individuals. For a long time, in lot of places, the amount “seven” is felt pleased and you will complete, full of energy and higher spirituality. Several things when you look at the religions and you may kazakh opinions of those, inside the ways and you can technology, in words and culture is actually linked to it.

The clear presence of the fresh new 7 are experienced at each step in the world all around us. Think of, 7 wonders around the globe, seven earliest notes inside musical, 7 color of your own rainbow, seven days of your own week, etcetera.

Kazakh anybody including affiliate the amount 7 which have an abundance of titles. (Jeti Yrys – 7 Lucks, Sprinkle і Jargy – a good Corpus out-of Kazakh Typical Laws depending of the Tauke Khan in 17 th century, Spraying і Galam – Eight Galaxies, Squirt і Ata – 7 Years).

However, a different sort of invest this new ideology from Kazakh individuals was filled because of the concept of “Jety Kazyna” – 7 Secrets. From the cost some one suggest the new 7 called for areas of lifetime of a real individual: masculinity out of an earlier boy, a pleasant and you will wise partner, a simple-footed horse, a shopping fantastic eagle, a loyal Kazakhstan pet known as Tazy (Central Far-eastern greyhound) reproduce, an excellent weapons, and you will total education. With your seven treasures lives seems complete and you can happy.

Members of the family

Why the first part of “Sprinkle і Kazyna” was “a young son”? This can be informed me by simple fact that a guy are always your mind away from Kazakh household, nomads, he was an earner, a breadwinner, a protector of clan. As the Kazakhs state, an intelligent girl (wife) provides wealth towards friends. The job regarding a wife isn’t just to save the brand new friends fireplace, plus to smartly allocate new partner’s sufferer to cease good condition whenever “banquet today and you will prompt the next day”. More over, it is doing a female to carry right up children worthy of the dad. Your face of your members of the family does not bring up the children – they are always where you work, driving for the his horse, browse. The mother shows college students so you’re able to value the dad, to take on their deeds, and also to study from him. That’s why a gorgeous companion of lifestyle will be in respect to „Jeti Kazyna” epic lifestyle – a smart lady. This will be correct contentment.

Incidentally parents for the Kazakhstan train kids to your needs to understand their forefathers doing this new seventh age bracket. 7 once again! Kazakhs fully grasp this „unwritten rules” „Jeti Ata” (Eight Generations) which is nonetheless being passed over from one generation to another. Generally, Kazakhs in the morning resistant to the relationships anywhere between family unit members the newest kinship relationship. For having a healthy and balanced generation in order to prevent genetic disorder, it’s forbidden to get linked to somebody up to this new seventh age group. Today, a leading threat of mental or any other ailment in kids created during the marriage ceremonies ranging from close relatives has been scientifically proven. Our forefathers acted very naturally!

Around three members of the family of ‘jigit’ (an early on child)

About three a whole lot more treasures from a real child on concept of nomads was around three loyal family of your ‘jigit’: an instant-footed horse, a tazy (greyhound), a looking golden eagle. Exactly what you are going to men score along with his uncovered hand? An organic predator, including the fantastic eagle, may be able to rating hares, foxes, and even wolves!

More over, brand new Kazakhs thought that our home, in which a golden eagle schedules, is protected against evil. Thus, the latest wings, feathers, and paws regarding the bird was basically installed on the an enthusiastic honorable lay or above the head of one’s cradle. It was considered that the brand new sacred bird covers against the worst eye and you can any ruin, variety of serves as a talisman.

Tazy, an effective greyhound, was also a faithful pal from the bing search. It is believed that with the wealth off tazy canines, money and you will joy are in our house. Nomads took care of canines since the beginning, coached him or her and in case this new dogs was basically able, they were create back into the fresh new nuts alongside its learn to let your into the search. Getting the initial sufferer toward puppy is a bona-fide thrill. Tazy, and a hunting bird and you can a pony, were always brought to high ‘toi’ (celebrations) and you may celebrations – they certainly were the true pleasure of one.

Inside Kazakh folklore, a pony is an essential partner from a man. They claim “He or she is maybe not a great ‘jigit’ if the they have never ever seated to the a pony”.

Are you aware that Central Asia and you may, such, Kazakhstan is recognized as being the most appropriate lay in which ponies have been domesticated? Right now, whenever these pet do not have such an effective benefits to possess nomads just like the in advance of, thousands of ponies remain bred from inside the Kazakhstan. Steppe horses are still a vital element of the brand new social culture and you may modern symbol of the country. Probably one of the most popular of those here is the regional Kazakh pony reproduce.

Dogs in the breed was universal, equally an excellent in every types of spends: given that a horse getting operating, given that a beneficial workhorse, and you can a source of beef and you can dairy. A switch element of Kazakh strain of kazakh horses was the large stamina and success, that’s very important to existence regarding the steppes, growing from the heat of the june into the freeze of cold weather. This feature produces which horse right for sporting events tournaments too in which energy and survival are more very important as compared to rates of the animal.

The menu of „Sprinkle і Kazyna” closes that have a guns (Sabers, bend and you will arrows, „kamshy-pyshak” – a-sharp blade which had been undetectable on the handle of one’s horsewhip, etc.), that won’t fail inside the handle; and you will comprehensive training that will help your to take just the right road in life and make wise decisions.

Definitely, now it is impossible for all to own a personal horse, an excellent tazy dog, a wonderful eagle – a civilization, city life decides their foibles. However, there are guardians ones lifestyle! Most often it’s hereditary berkutchi (an effective falconer), genetic hunters and you will riders. Through him or her as well as their effort, we have got the brand new Connection out-of Federal Sporting events inside the Kazakhstan, including bing search which have hunting birds; some federal events in addition to takes place up on its initiative – falconer celebrations, ethnic celebrations, ways symposia, and you may football in which ponies is an ines such as for example baiga, kokpar, kyz-kuu. Thanks to these people, anyone can become nearer to the newest nomadic community off Kazakh people. You merely decide what hobby is the nearest in order to your own heart and after that you may start your vacation!

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